Flame Kissed
Gain a fire resistance equal to your character level + the number of blessings you possess. In addition, gain a bonus equal to the number of blessings you possess to any saving throws involving fire or extreme heat.

Burning Blade
As a swift action, you may cause any object you wield as a weapon to be wreathed in flame. Attacks by this weapon deal fire damage equal to 1d6 + the number of blessings you possess.

Breath of Fire
As a full round action, you may breathe a cone of fire. This fire has a maximum range of up to 10 feet per blessing you possess. You may chose to breathe less than the maximum range of the fire if you so choose. For each 10 feet of range you give it, the fire does 1d6 points of damage to anyone struck. Any targets caught within the cone may make a saving throw for half damage with a difficulty of 10 + the number of blessings you possess.

As a standard action, you may take control of an existing fire and make it move at your will. You may affect a number of contiguous 5 foot squares of flame equal to the number of blessings you possess. The flames can be moved at a rate of 5 feet per blessing you possess with each action. So long as you maintain your concentration, you may maintain the flames you control even in the absence of fuel. If the flames end in a place where there is not fuel available, the flames extinguish.


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